Sovereignty and nationalism

I’ve started a Blog series on the theme of nationalism and sovereignty, over at the H-Nationalism site. I’ve been motivated to write on the topic because of the increasing interest in the topic of sovereignty, particularly by authors and political actors who are promoting a nationalist agenda. This tendency has been particularly evident since the […]

Claire Fox: “the people’s” Baroness?

When Claire Fox (media commentator and former member of the Revolutionary Community Party, and former MEP for the Brexit Party) was campaigning in favour of Brexit, she spent numerous occasions citing historical working-class campaigns and Left ‘leaders’, including Tony Benn, as justification for her stance on Brexit. This week she did not invoke any of […]

Raya Dunayevskaya and the Red-Black Atlantic

I’ve attached (below) a pre-copy edited version of a chapter on Raya Dunayevskaya from a forthcoming book, Revolutionary lives of the Red and Black Atlantic (Manchster University Press), edited by David Feathersone, Christian Høgsbjerg and Alan Rice. The chapter was co-written by Nigel Niles and myself. The chapter focuses on Dunayevskaya’s theoretical and practical activity in which […]

Racism and the Left

The issue of the racism of the Left is a topic that is rarely discussed by the left. One way in which the topic is avoided is by claiming that racism is a ruling-class idea that is used to divide the working-class. And the antidote is to exclaim – “black and white, unite and fight!” […]


The Positive in the Negative aims to provide throughts and analysis on contemporary society. The site content reflects the interests of the site administrator, Chris Gilligan. The main subjects that the site covers are on the inter-related themes of immigration controls/racisms/nationalisms/populisms and resistance to these: migrant resistance/emancipatory anti-racism/internationalism/self-organisation of ‘the masses’. The worldview that informs […]

The Brexit Party and authoritarianism

This is an unfinished article (that I was co-writing, with Eric Andrian, last June (2019)). Eric used some of the material in his presentation at the Left Forum. I never got around to doing more work to write it up as an article (I did write a different article about the Brexit Party, and I […]

American fascism

Interesting podcast discussion from Talking Politics on American fascism. Sarah Churchwell in conversation with David Runciman and Helen Thompson. Churchwell makes some really interesting points. She notes, for example, that the National Socialists in Germany looked to Jim Crow laws USA as a model for their own racial purity laws, and that drawing on the […]

How We Get Free

My review of ‘How We Get Free’, a collection about the (Black feminist) Combahee River Collective, has been published on Marx and Philosophy Review of Books. The collection is worth a read in the context of the Black Lives Matter protests, and the push back that says ‘All lives matter’. The collection is good […]