Raya Dunayevskaya and the Red-Black Atlantic

I’ve attached (below) a pre-copy edited version of a chapter on Raya Dunayevskaya from a forthcoming book, Revolutionary lives of the Red and Black Atlantic (Manchster University Press), edited by David Feathersone, Christian Høgsbjerg and Alan Rice. The chapter was co-written by Nigel Niles and myself. The chapter focuses on Dunayevskaya’s theoretical and practical activity in which […]

Racism and the Left

The issue of the racism of the Left is a topic that is rarely discussed by the left. One way in which the topic is avoided is by claiming that racism is a ruling-class idea that is used to divide the working-class. And the antidote is to exclaim – “black and white, unite and fight!” […]

How We Get Free

My review of ‘How We Get Free’, a collection about the (Black feminist) Combahee River Collective, has been published on Marx and Philosophy Review of Books. https://bit.ly/2YyBKJI The collection is worth a read in the context of the Black Lives Matter protests, and the push back that says ‘All lives matter’. The collection is good […]